Our team

Our team, led by Bruce Cox, is a combination of passionate business leaders, talented technology experts, and former athletes. Bruce Cox, an Auburn University graduate, successful entrepreneur, and passionate college football fan, knew an opportunity when he saw one.  His mobile phone simply didn’t work while at live events and he began to research the issue. During this quest of information, he met CY Smith, an Annapolis graduate, successful entrepreneur, and accomplished engineer, who had been working on a revolutionary wireless technology that provided a solution to the exact problem he was researching. They joined forces and began their quest to create the XYCAST network.


Bruce Cox


Founder, Chief Executive Officer



Founder, Chief Technology Officer


David Luck


Bridgestone/Firestone, ABC Supply

Edward Graham


CEO Silver King Capital, SVP Enron, VP - Merrill Lynch Investment Banking, PricewaterhouseCoopers MBA-Duke

Dr. Bill Hardgrave


Dean, Harbert College of Business, Auburn University Internationally Recognized RFID Expert

Advisory Team